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Last weekend I went to a wedding and wore a sleeveless dress that showed my scars.

Although I don’t usually feel uncomfortable showing my scars anymore I still have my moments where they bother me.

Growing up it was definitely more of an issue because they were a lot more prominent and I would always try to cover up my scars (usually with clothes). However, this wasn’t always possible. For example, during my 18th birthday I had to wear numerous dresses, which partially showed my scars. Even though we tried putting on make-up to cover them up they still showed up and I remember feeling upset after seeing the photos.

Recently, at the Canadian Burn Survivors Conference I found out that there was special make-up for scars and there were booths set up to give it a try.

The lighting wasn’t so great in the room so my scars don’t show up so well, but it gives you an idea of how effective special make-up can hide scars.

Some befores and afters

It was amazing how much my scars disappeared afterwards.

Please note that by no means am I saying that people should use make-up to cover their scars, but I thought I’d share this resource to those who may not know about it.

If you’re interested in knowing what make-up was used on me, it’s called Cinema Secrets (please note I have not been endorsed to mention this organization).

I’m interested in knowing if other people use make-up to cover-up their scars and what their opinions are about it. Either post a comment on this blog or the Facebook page or Tweet me.

Happy weekend everyone!

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