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By October 15, 2012August 17th, 20213 Comments

Recently I heard about the tragic story of Amanda Todd, a 15-year-old girl who was bullied so much that it led her to commit suicide.

Amanda Todd sharing her story via YouTube before taking her own life

Now that I’m getting older, and I’m getting to a certain place in my life, I think about things like whether or not I want to have kids one day, and these types of events shake me to the core. As I’ve mentioned in my project, I was burned as an infant and have had my scars most of my life. When I was growing up and my scars were a lot more visible, I made a personal decision to hide them. I did this because I was scared of what would happen if people found out I was different.

Although I was able to hide my scars because they’re all located on my upper body, and are easily hidden with clothes, not everyone has that option. I sometimes wonder how it would’ve been like if I had more visible scars, such as facial burns. Even though I’m not as badly burned as other people, I remember feeling insecure and different and that my scars used to really effect my self-esteem when I was growing up. One of my more visible burns is right below my jaw line on the left side of my neck and almost touches my face. I’m able to cover these burns with my hair. How would my story be different if I couldn’t hide my scars? Would I have been bullied?

Since hearing Amanda’s story I’ve had numerous conversations with people about how bullying is like these days with kids. I feel like it’s kind of a catch-22: there’s more awareness in regards to anti-bullying, but the Internet has made it easier and more severe to bully.

What are your thoughts on Amanda’s story and bullying? If you’re a burn survivor did you have experiences being bullied because of your appearance?Ā Iā€™m interested in knowing what you think about this: either post a comment on this blog or the Facebook page or tweet me.


  • hey babee, sad sad brokenhearted girl / that’s goal #1 for Portland Burn Survivors, Inc 2 prevent suicide it’s a permanent solution 2 problems in flux / can I put your blog on our links page? thanxoxo

    • Hi Alisa,

      Yes you can absolutely put my blog on your links page. Thank you so much for your support! Can you let me know when that’s up? And yes, very sad what happened to that young girl who was bullied . . . I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

      • hi MCL / u are on PBS links thanxxoxo
        horrible how her self esteem kept taking hits / over and over, her parents seem 2 have been aware (changing schools) but I do remember being that age and u really need peer support, parents or any authority figure is suspect / start a teenage suicide prevention page? it’s been done / and not really an answer, it kills me that lovely young girl (& so many others) give in 2 thoughts of just letting go… u are leaving eventually! stay thru the awful yrs because it gets better / how 2 get that msg out? it 2 has been done / I’m kinda at a loss šŸ™ frowny face

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