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***Please note I have NOT been endorsed by Scentsy. These opinions are my own. 

When I attended this year’s Phoenix Society’s World Burn Congress – an international burn survivors conference – this year in Milwaukee I came across a product called Scentsy, which is marketed as a “flameless candle.” It works by having a light bulb warm up scented wax within a beautiful porcelain container.

I found these Scentsy products at the Spiegel Burn Foundation‘s (an organization that raises funds for different initiatives for burn survivors, including helping them attend World Burn Congress) booth.

I’ve been surprised by how many burn survivor stories that have involved candles so I can see why a product like this was created.

Although I wasn’t burned through a fire accident (I was burned by boiling water), I felt like my parents were always extra cautious with me and tried to make sure I stayed away from anything that could result in another accident, such as anything with a flame. I think that sense of cautiousness followed me through adulthood because to this day I’m still nervous around candles.

I bought one of these myself and I have to say that I really enjoy it – it has the benefits of a candle, but I feel comfortable around it. I’d highly recommend this product to anyone.

Our Scentsy

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Interested in getting a Scentsy? Well, you can have a chance at winning one of these by attending my website launch on Friday, February 9th at the Fire Fighters Museum at 2 p.m. 🙂

Generously donated by the Spiegel Burn Foundation

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