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In my first year of my program I started a photography project on my school blog with the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. Each week participants are given a theme and are challenged to post a photo associated with that theme. Last week’s theme seemed more fitting to post on here than my other blog.

This week I officially finished my website.

This meant creating all the content (stories and photographs), editing all the content, having all the (written) content peer-edited and inputting those edits and then having all the participants review the content and getting their feedback.

My peer-edited stories


It was a lot of work. A year’s worth of work to be exact. And in about a week’s time all this hard work will lead up to my website launch.

So what happens after that?

To be honest, I’m not sure. I know after my launch I’ll be having my photographs from the launch displayed at the OnWard Gallery, but beyond that I’m not sure . . . time will tell.

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