Hello and welcome to After the Cocoonan online collection of stories and photographs of Canadian burn survivors.

To view the latest news on the project, check out the website blog.

– Maria Cristina Laureano (Creator)


  • I was your prof at the University of Winnipeg more than four years ago. Congratulations on the obviously hard work that went into this worthwhile project.

  • Jeffery Cottes says:

    Maria. This is both a moving tribute to burn survivors and a valuable asset for families and friends affected by fire. Good work…and thank you.

  • Jeff, so glad to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words and hope you’re doing well.

  • Looking forward to your launch this Saturday!

  • Don Adamson says:

    Your the best!

  • Eman Agpalza says:

    You’ve put together a well-designed site that puts into light the stories of these many survivors. The writing, the design and the photography allow the stories to reanimate themselves onscreen, which is powerful. Congrats, Maria. The product was worth the hard work!

  • Andrew says:

    Maria, I just want to tell you how fantastic this site turned out. You have taken a topic that for a lot of people is very hard to discuss, and made I into a beautiful and (dare I say) artistic approach to burn support.
    I tip my hat to you, you put a lot of time an effort into this and you deserve every bit of recognition that you have been getting, so I guess what I try in to say is congratulations to you, and thank you for taking your vision and these peoples stories and making it such a wonderful concept.

    • Thank you Andrew and thank you to your amazing mother you took part in this project. It’s a testament of how great a person she is seeing how involved you are in the burn community. Thank you for your contributions.

  • Patricia Sinaisky says:

    I think this gives support to other burn survivors who still need it no matter how many years go along after their injuries. Thank you!

  • KMHI says:

    Brought here via CTV on a day when a little perspective was much needed (by me). Beautiful and inspiring stories and people. I hope you continue on a path of inspiring people to see, think and act differently.

  • Beautifully done website!!!

  • Congratz on a powerful creative tale! Brings back too many memories… Well done!